29000 plants 116 Million Dollars0 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 25 Aug 2010 at 10:42am

29000 pounds 116 Million DollarsTHAT’S A LOT OF WEED!!! THAT’S ALL WE GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT.

No we don’t, why couldn’t you smell that weed from anywhere? The Reservation is a good spot to hide that much weed. The regular police can’t just roll up in there like they’re crazy. They have to have a damn good reason. Like, We’re smelling weed all over the county. We’re smelling it everywhere we go, the grocery store, Wal-mart, and down every lonely highway.

They figure we must find out where the smell is coming from because now their entire county smells like a Cheech and Chong concert.

No one got arrested in this bust..Really? We figure they all just got high! The report says the sheriffs are going to set it all on fire…All 116 Million dollars worth, on fire(wink, wink) somebody is definitely high or lying.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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