Georgia Inmate Goes for a “Snack”54 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 11 Mar 2009 at 11:07pm


WOODBINE, Georgia (AP) — Authorities say they arrested an escaped jail inmate trying to sneak back into the lockup with cigarettes allegedly stolen from a nearby store.

Sheriff Tommy Gregory said Saturday that 25-year-old Harry Jackson had opened a door to the exercise yard and climbed the outer fence.

Deputies found a jail door unlocked early Saturday and were looking for the inmate. They spotted Jackson trying to come back in and found 14 packs of cigarettes they believe were stolen from a convenience store about a block away.

Jackson faces new charges of breaking out of jail and burglary. He was already in jail in Camden County in far southeast Georgia for charges including possession of a controlled substance and violating probation.

Why would anyone go BACK to jail? I’ll tell you this much, if I had already reached the liquor store I woulda found myself a way to get gone REAL QUICK! You know he got a solid beatdown for that also, they don’t fuck around at da bootyhouse.

I can’t hate on the brotha.. In Georgia, a late spring night run to the local store.. You know nothing extraordinary, just need 14 packs of some smokes.  Yep, 14 no more no less. Gotta get back to the crib real quick so I can get these packs off…Just can’t get caught! I feel the agony my brotha, but you fucked yourself up! I mean damn, they must’ve lied and told him it’s minimum security up there (you know, the jails with the half open front gate)… SOMEBODY must’ve lied!

With that said, I hope the man learned a good lesson.


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