Ines Sainz Is Seriously Sexy to the NY Jets1 comment

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 13 Sep 2010 at 4:21pm

Ines Sainz Is Seriously Sexy to the NY Jets Now this is funny news. This funny Latina reporter has put the NY Jets on blast for (alleged sexual harassment) losing their fucking minds on the field while she was sporting these so called conservative jeans (Waiting to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets).

Those jeans made her ass look so good that I would’ve gave up football for the day to watch this woman in those jeans. I would’ve dropped a pin while writing a check. I would’ve of woke up a girlfriend out of her nap to show her this girl’s ass!!!

Now I hope that doesn’t make me some kind of disrespectful mudderfucker for being a sexually healthy man. If women want to be allowed to be women and dress any way they like, (American freedom) they should be able to accept the attention they’re obviously are seeking. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wears jeans like that, on an ass like that, not to get attention. If you would have us believe (Men) that it is fun to wear them damn jeans, you got your fools mixed up because this blogga isn’t one of them. I happen to have first hand information from fine ass women that wearing those jeans can make you mean. (They’re tight as hell. Especially around the trim area).

Ms.Ines Sainz (reporter, yeah), somehow wants the public to believe she is unaware of how fine she is and how outstanding that ass looks in those jeans. (Her ass could qualify as a Smithsonian piece). So somehow it slipped her mind that day, that she was this fine and sexy before leaving the house and entering a football field filled with over 22 testosterone driven men.

C’mon, she’s grown she knew where she was headed (no pun). She could’ve wore something casual and truly conservative like a “Lane Bryant” kind of thing. You’re going to work in knock out jeans!!! C’mon, are we supposed to take this bombshell of a girl serious about her complaint and her expectations of men with big contracts, big egos and who knows what else? I bet she does. Playa’!!! “Keepin’ it Breif”

Copyright problems will only allow this version of the video on youtube, but it’s good enough to show you how funny all this is and how unfair some sexy women are to dudes. This is not a uniform or workplace attire, and certainly she’s not conservatively dressed. No one must be penalized for their reactions to her. She must decide for herself how she wants people to react to her. She’s funny news for us and a news reporter looking to make it that’s all. Let her do her thang.

I just found out that she’s not really the one doing all the complaining.┬áIt’s the jealous people around her who witnessed the overly zealous football teams reactions to her fine ass.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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  • I agree she would get it.. Don’t tell me she doesn’t know that. Its like if I pulled my penis out and told everyone to NOT look, there would be no problem there, but this is a fine latin woman we are talking about… Yeah NFL players should respect female reporters, but female reporters should show that same respect to themselves and NOT put it out there like that…