Mitt ain’t shit and Michael ain’t “Steel”0 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 27 Oct 2012 at 1:47pm
Mitt ain't shit and Michael ain't "Steel"

Michael Steele Former RNC Chairman shrugs off proposal by Bill Maher to fill a void and become a champion of social issues for the Republican party

This weekend Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele was asked by Bill Maher on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO to pick up the ball for the Republican party to stand with any Democrat to reform any program that would benefit American citizens…

Steele shrugged off the proposal and looked at Maher like a southern black kid looks into the headlights of a police car! He could not and would not give a straight answer. The question was thrown at him during a conversation about former Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern who ran against Nixon and got his ass handed to ’em on a shish kabob. Nixon slammed ’em but McGovern was a man that would work and had worked across the aisles with Republicans.

But tonight Mr. Maher brilliantly sounded off as he usually does and brought up the point that there aren’t any Republicans who stand for or will represent social issues in these times. As if anti-socialism is a better way of life for all Americans.

Stay on your block, fend for yourselves, God bless ya’ we hope you make it while we’re making money. That’s the new Republican stance.

There was and is an opening for a Republican to restore it’s party. To stand up to the bullshit or how would Romney say it, the “malarky” the “Tea Party” represents and the obvious racism the party continues and constantly prefers to slide in like a freshman kid getting his first piece of pussy…

Michael Steelle now an MSNBC contributor which means he comes on different politico shows to give the Republican party a black face with none of the hot sauce. The man did not know how to really answer Mr. Maher when the question was presented because he himself isn’t interested in helping anyone either.Mitt ain't shit and Michael ain't "Steel"

He’s this guy who likes being the one black Republican, well him and Bobby Jindal (Gov. of Louisiana). He continues to throw his hat in the ring with Mitt Romney which goes to show you that all black people don’t like each other regardless of what John Sununu might have to say about it. I’d like to close with a comment for Mr. Steele. Your name may be Steele but your “balls” ain’t … Maybe you should consider a sex change to have your balls removed because you act like a pussy! “OPPORTUNITY” you always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

“Tha’s a Wrap for now”


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