Obama At The U.N. What’s Wrong With Love?1 comment

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 22 Sep 2010 at 1:34pm

Obama Speaks At The U.N. What's Wrong With Love?President Obama, who’s ass is on the chopping block, has been at the United Nations this week. His speech is as eloquent as ever but his progress has been under minded. What’s wrong with love? ┬áThat’s really the question I would like to ask the United Nations (can’t the President ask this question to all of them)? What is wrong with the concept of… “Love”? I’ve heard there’s no money in it… Love. And I say to that. You’ve never been in love.

Love has costed me every dime I’ve ever had. Love for my children, love for my mother, love for my friends, even love for spiritual growth centers (churches included). All this love cost so much money. So, I don’t believe the answer is that “there’s no money in love” I’m more apt to believe the powers-to-be are so bent on war and violence they think they can’t turn back. It’s the United Nations answer to every problem war. You haven’t learned a new way yet. “Yet” ┬ábeing the key word here. I have to admit loving is not an easy thing. Lovin’ you all.

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  • henock1@gmail.com

    I love it, a novel concept such as “love” that can uplift people. In this case, I guess love won’t pay trillion dollar debts…LOL