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By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 18 Sep 2010 at 4:26pm

oxygen for sale in las vegas“Believe It Or Not”…Our roving blogga “Silver’ discovered  oxygen for sale in a mall in Las Vegas. Well folks its’ legitimately the end of the f**kin’ world as we know it. Our blogga tells us that the lady selling the oxygen told him the oxygen is pure. And pure oxygen would give him more energy and awareness (and more). For just about eighteen dollars you can fill up on some oxygen. It’s a little less than crack.

The oxygen comes scented. Scented oxygen? I want my oxygen to smell like strawberries and potpourri. Crazy! Pure oxygen claims to be a natural high. I bet if you mix some weed with it you’d get higher (someone else out there is thinking the same thing).

So, we face the question what is wrong with the oxygen we’re breathing right now? The free (wink-wink) oxygen. Answer; along with the “Global Warming” effects on our ecology our free oxygen is toxic. We’re all breathing free toxic air. It has been said the our pollution is so toxic it has diminished the testosterone levels in men. It could be the reason men have become so sensitive these days. It’s all in the air we breathe ladies maybe oxygen for sale will boost testosterone levels back up and dudes can become dudes again.

At the rate we’re going now we’ll be out of soldiers in no time. “Keepin’ It Breif”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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