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By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 01 Sep 2010 at 2:01am

the barack did itIt’s always funny news to hear over and over what’s already been predicted by this blogga before President Obama was even elected. I yelled at the television as if I were watching the “Oakland Raiders” lose another game. If Obama becomes President they (haters) will stand in the way of everything he tries to do. And we the American people would be paying for it in taxes, no health care, and joblessness. And most of all, short of him actually living through his term (no poison in his mashed potatoes) he would be blamed for all this shit that the last administration dumped on his administration. Hence, “The Butler did it”! Like any other elected President at this time, including Ms. Hillary, could get us out of this catastrophe in a couple of years. See how funny this news is? And how much funnier and strange the GOP party is?

I mean I was literally screaming to the country to have mercy on the brotha’. Don’t put him in this situation, yet. It’s too early. No one listened. I said to my friends and readers please let Ms. Hillary get into the White House first. Let the rich white woman inthe barack did it there to clean up the mess the Republicans were leaving behind for the next Administration. I heard they (Republicans) toilet papered the White House dining room and took most of the keys off of every computer. Those GOPs’ are a bunch of pranksters.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to the pranks they pulled on the American people. The financial collapse, two wars, and New Orleans but of course those funny GOPs’ don’t believe any of us are paying attention or keeping score.

They would have us believe that the “Barack” did it! It’s all his fault that this stimulus package which began before Bush left office and tossed into Barack’s lap. Obama was going to have to take it in the rear if he wanted to be the President. See Hillary is used to taking it in the rear. The gang banging GOP fears Ms. Hillary. We’ve all witnessed their reactions to women in authority. (Sarah Palin the sexy school teacher they all want to f**k). They don’t see Hillary that way so they fear her. I’d only be worried for her future intern.

The brotha’s (Barack’s) ambition got the best of him and the superstar treatment hyped him up to believe he could really sustain the presidency. You have to admit Obama has some big huevos they must put Steven Speilberg on hold. Shit, he wasn’t Hillary. He wasn’t a rich white woman who’s lived in the White House for eight years. Americans optimism is to be congratulated and appreciated by all minorities in this country. I can only hope it is.  Speaking only for myself I’ve been relieved to know that the entire United States of America doesn’t hate black people. (because I grew up knowing they did. I’m happy that has changed for me). Nevertheless if any reader, reading this post thinks Obama got it into office because of the minority vote, you’re higher then a Santa Claus on meth.

There’s no such thing as a minority vote we’re the popular vote which can and has influenced the electoral votes. Electoral votes are the votes that get the President elected. These votes come from places where minorities aren’t allowed but heard. However this blogga predicted on television during a comedy stand up special in New Orleans pre-“Katrina”. That Hillary Clinton would be the first woman President of the United States of America, no later than 2012. I was joking about feeling sorry for her future intern if she was anything like Bill. After I heard that Barack Obama was challenging her in 2008, I knew right then my prediction maybe altered. Well maybe not.

the barack did itIf the President doesn’t follow the new proposed game-plan for 2012 I predict he will serve only one term as the “First Black President” (the jury is still holding his birth certificate that’s why I didn’t write “First American Black President”). In case he fools all of us. Changing his name from Barry to Barack Obama doesn’t help the suspicious and hints a subtle threat because do any of us know any of us for real?  Only what they tell us about you (any citizen). There’s always a reasonable doubt when you weren’t at the scene of a crime. Anyway, Obama isn’t as Harvard smart as we thought. (no game) If he were Harvard smart, this blogga believes he would’ve let the rich powerful white-lady married to the former “Give me head or give me the phone” President win. I’m not sure I would want my kid to go to Harvard if he’s going to be so smart he’s stupid.

He should’ve let her have the office for the first eight years after Bush. We the American people should’ve seen it. Hillary knows where the bodies are buried. All Obama had to do was step back until 2016. With eight more years in the Senate, he would’ve beenthe barack did it clearly more suited for the presidency. And Hillary would’ve had this bi-partisan problem nipped in the bud. How do you think the American people are going to react to them blocking everything some rich former president’s wife wanted for the American people? We would all be in an uproar. But nooooooo! Instead we’re going to blame the “Barack” instead of protecting our elected president anyway we can. It’s too bad the President had to shoot his wad now. Maybe he started believing the hype the lights and the fame. I don’t know but look at him now. He’s scrambling for help and support but help is not far away.

The plan is to have Hlllary step off as Secretary of State, the job Joe Biden (Vice President) orginally wanted. She runs with Obama as Vice President in 2012 and then he may win a second term. If she decides not to help the democrats keep the White House for sixteen years, she can run against him in 2012 and my prediction would come true because she would win.

See, those “electoral” votes will bow down and say we gave the black dude a shot but we can’t afford to lose anymore money or government to Barack’s fresh ideas about how government should do business. It’s time to give America it’s first woman President. Now she can help the democrats dominate (and she’s known to be a team player) by running with President Obama as his Vice President in 2012 and then if they finally get this financial and health care issue handled. Hillary can take the office back herself for eight more years ’til 2016. She will get the credit for bringing the financial intelligence of Bill Clinton to the game. So re-election in 2016 should be promising. This is America – destined to be the greatest country in the free world. It’s not over until the happy part people.

the barack did itBut I’m sure and I’m counting on our readers to know the “Barack” didn’t do it…Not this crisis we’re living in now. Futhermore, we still have a couple of years to see if he, (President Barack “Hussein” Obama) turns out to be the coldest undercover secret agent terrorist man ever created.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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