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By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 05 Aug 2010 at 2:19pm

More funny news. Its’ the game plan for Obama’s re-election.

The Democratic party has given the American people no reason to be confident in Obama’s re-election in 2012. Turning white wouldn’t help him at this point. The DNC isn’t confident either, so with O, Joe and Hilary in agreement they have drawn up a winner plan.

They’ve done this just in time before the party for the middle-class loses ALL it’s gas and ass. The party that seems to be bent on being not for the people(Republicans).

Their party is a true threat in regaining power by 2012. They have blocked everything possible, including Obama’s dreams.

They have filibustered the mans dreams. Damn! Can a black man get a break up in the White House? He did get elected.

But we here at FSNToday warned my friendly white Americans back in the primaries even though half of you knew the world was ready for a change and you’ve made it. That they were going to give your elected President a hard way to go.

There’s still so much resistance and unwillingness in the White House to help this President look out for America.

I used to joke the only way a Black man was going to get into the White House is if he burglarized the place. So I knew he wasn’t going to change much in his first term. The Republicans are counting on this frustration that all who voted for him before, couldn’t allow themselves to do it again.

I could here the liberals saying, ” We gave it a shot. But we’re going to have to go  back to voting for the white guy”.  No you won’t.

The Democrats have a plan that should  renew confidence. Believe you me the Democrats plan to make a move that would leave a chess player baffled.  And because I’m in such close communications with the brotha’ himself(you know the brotha’ in the White House)I’m going to lay this plan out for my readers.

You want to hear it? Hear it goes… Joe Biden, our Vice President, better known as “Big Balls Biden” is a soldier, he originally wanted to be the Secretary of State. He’s the man who has the balls to step up to foreign leaders around the world and represent America. Hilary got balls too, but she wants to use them for the Presidency. So, she is going to step down from her role as Secretary of State. Then Obama will select Hilary to be his next Vice President in 2012.

Now what this does is make a smooth and favorable transition for Biden, to become Secretary of State. Everyone’s happy. Especially the American people, now we can make some great moves towards real change in the White House and with foreign policies.

Now these blocks and barriers that the Republicans keep throwing up, will be tore down.

Because you see in 2016 the Democrats can keep the White House by electing it’s first woman President into office.

Yes your already knowing.  Hillary “Hush your mouth” Clinton that’s right she will run in 2016, or if this plan goes to shit, she’ll do it in 2012. Which I predicted in a comedy routine on national t.v. back in 2002(on BET,  The New Orleans 10th anniversary show). Back when there was no talk of a Barack Obama.

Now let’s recap, 2012 Hilary resigns as Secretary of State.

Next move Obama selects Hilary”Hush your mouth” Clinton to run with him as his next Vice President. This gives Americans what they wanted in the first place. So, you see the Democratic party will be thrilled to hear this news.

The next move after that will be that Joe”Big Balls Biden” will resign as V.P. and show America how happy he is to finally become the Secretary of State. The job he has always wanted.

Now the final move(to guarantee that the way government does business will change) in the 2016 elections Hilary Rodham Clinton will run for President of the United States and win.(Public option gets done).

Well there it is my fellow Americans, prepare yourselves to trudge the road of happy destiny and piss off the red states.

“That’s a Wrap4Real”


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