Trump Tells Most Of The Truth1 comment

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 22 Sep 2010 at 3:47pm

Trump Tells Most Of The TruthDonald “Hairpiece” Trump talkin’ plenty of serious shit about President Baracks’ administration. “The Don” was spitting knowledge from inside the board room. He said Obama’s re-election is looking weak. What he didn’t say is that’s it’s because the boi’ is black. He did mention the hate that surrounds him. This blogga is aware that “hate kills the haters” it just takes so damn long. Some of them ol’ haters are like in their 90’s and still kicking. But I predict natural and unnatural causes are going to continue to increase and kick in around the world. It’ll take care of itself. That’s why actual physical violence is so stupid. Shit, that only hurts you and all the people connected to the ones you attacked. Where’s the cool in that?

Well, as “The Donald” continues to do the interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. I should mention it won’t be long before you notice that Trumps make-up is all f**ked up. He’s not that color. Whatever you do don’t let it deter you from catching this interview. Another funny piece of news he threw out is that the rich areTrump Tells Most Of The Truth going to leave this country. He should know he’s rich. He says our taxes are to high for the rich. Well if they’re too high for them. What about us? They can go to other places we can’t (I could go to my mama house in Florida). We’re not to forget these are already international ballers. Trump said they plan on jumping off this sinking ship like the “Titanic”. You remember how them white folks jumped off the ship like that?  (I understand the black people already drowned because they were underneath the boat working in the state rooms and kitchens).  But the rich they jumped in the cold ass water.

He also added he loved the “Tea Party” people. His reasons for loving them sounded cool but it’s bullshit. There should be no reason to support haters Donald. Unless you’re one of them.

Trump Tells Most Of The TruthI wonder what my readers would do if  they were international ballers right now? Shit…Cannes France? I might go at least ’til America got they shit together. And I would want to be gone somewhere. So when the broke people revolt they won’t come on my 70’ft. yacht and drown me! “Keepin’ it Breif”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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    LOL , Donald “Hairpiece” Trump. I hope that catches on.