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By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 27 Dec 2011 at 8:56pm

ygghtv.com will remain but the title of the show will not be the same.It ain’t gonna happen, not this year anyhow, maybe it’s a project we’ll revisit in the future but for now we put the cart before the horse and the studio “renigged” on their promise to produce this show. Oh well, So I’ll leave this original post intact because I will upload some of the presentation clips that were submitted as examples of the show. They were fun attempts… So the rest of this post is mute but you might enjoy the humor and the obvious faith that we were a GO!

(This old post was about the title of the show changing)Yep, it was a consensus that “Ya Gotta Go Higher” may sound too preachy. I’m a little thrown off by that. All I meant was that I feel  as an American our country, our people need to go higher with our decisions, votes, and beliefs. Because believe me folks the last thing I am is a preacher. But I will and have played a preacher on film, TV, and stage. I have no problem with that. I’ve probably had more roles as a crackhead and a pimp and there was the lab tech guy in the Burger King commercial.

“Out of Time” with Yul Spencer is the new name of the show, which I think fits my personality better and belief about where we are in America.  We’re “out of time” tick, tick, tick, boom! See you soon.

We’ll pick back up taping the show in January at our new studio in the Warner Center. Air dates and air times will be released via internet and nationwide marketing. Follow me on “Twitter” under @YulSpencer. I’ve gathered a small crowd there who keeps up with me. Add yourself and you’ll know about air-dates, channels and all the .coms this show will appear on.

Yours Truly,

Yul Spencer akaSpencer.com

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