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Victory now Victorious! Obama is re-elected 2012 Damnnn!

Victory now Victorious! Obama is re-elected 2012 Damnnn!

Posted on 07 Nov 2012 at 10:51am

I’m feelin’ a lot of things while I write this blog and I watch President Barack Obama give his acceptance speech, but what I’m feelin’ the most is relief. Relief that this shit is over and the humans won. I like to call the “others” (because they’re not all Republicans) aliens who look like humans. You know them by their continued disdain for people who don’t look, act or do anything like them. They’re very easy to ID these days.

The campaign the aliens put together continued to spew hate and misconceptions and lies using the kind of money that could open a major hospital. (billions) It gave me a political headache for months.

The only way to get rid of a political headache you might think vicodin or heroin? Well, maybe you might not think that but an ex-addict would but trust me Tylenol wasn’t goin’ to get rid of this fuckin’ headache. I would need something much stronger.

I had to I’m sure some of you had to, cut the fucking TV off. Take a break, diet from political commentary before it grayed the hair on my balls. I had to just STOP listening to all the “hate-orade” drinkers on the planet. Which by the way is another way to identify these aliens they hate and drink until they can hate something else.

I turned to faith and belief that I lived in a country with mostly humans who didn’t just pretend to be human but actually are human… Phew, for the last couple of years here I thought we had been invaded. I was just going to try and slip out of the country undetected by acting like I didn’t notice them.

Well, now I and many Americans get to hold their heads up high and be proud of the humans we live among in harmony, peace and love. Congratulations to America for choosing humanism over politics. Congratulations to the President on his re-election now  go do what you say you can do… Zir!

Make us proud and continue to run those basketball drills when you’re a black President it’s a good ideal to be quick on your feet and duck when the ball is thrown at ya’.  “God Bless and God Bless the United States of America”…

Tha’s a wrap for now…

A Romney campaign advisor creates a

A Romney campaign advisor creates a “Shits-Sununu”

Posted on 27 Oct 2012 at 1:48pm

I don’t even want to go here but when liberals continue to spout their beliefs that racism doesn’t play a part in this election.

Well, I think Fmr. Gov. John Sununu says it actually does and he should know he’s been in politics a lot longer than any of us. Most of us weren’t even watching politics so closely until we voted in a black President. Barack has that same knowledge every black person does when entering a place of business “security” is following me.

Now, unless you’re living under a whale at the bottom of the sea, I’m sure you’ve heard what Sununu said about Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama, “When you take a look at Colin Powell, you have to look at whether that’s an endorsement based on issues or he’s got a slightly different reason for endorsing President Obama,”Like because he’s black like me?

Is he serious or jus’ plain stupid and racist? Which are both the same thing. Colin has been one of the whitest black people the world has ever known… No offense to Michael Steele. Sununu continued to say, “When you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being President of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.” Like Colin needs your fuckin’ approval. The audacity of this dude to suggest the whitest black man would endorse Barack because he’s black. I didn’t even vote for Barack because he is black. It’s not how we all do it. We also don’t draw by numbers or colors like we all did in pre-school.

This is no longer just a political race it’s a human race now. And the liberals will have to stop saying that racism isn’t real in America or in politics. I’m so tired of hearing what I know isn’t true. Republicans hate it even more… to be called racist. But they have this fucked up way of not being able to hide it.

Furthermore the choice of Mitt Romney as President isn’t a choice of a different President with better policies. It’s a choice of color and that’s it really! Would I/we  prefer Mitt because he’s white and his color would reach across party lines when the other color could not? And that is what his candidacy offers us… A White him or stay with Count Chocula?

“Keepin’ it brief”

Mitt ain't shit and Michael ain't

Mitt ain’t shit and Michael ain’t “Steel”

Posted on 27 Oct 2012 at 1:47pm

This weekend Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele was asked by Bill Maher on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO to pick up the ball for the Republican party to stand with any Democrat to reform any program that would benefit American citizens…

Steele shrugged off the proposal and looked at Maher like a southern black kid looks into the headlights of a police car! He could not and would not give a straight answer. The question was thrown at him during a conversation about former Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern who ran against Nixon and got his ass handed to ’em on a shish kabob. Nixon slammed ’em but McGovern was a man that would work and had worked across the aisles with Republicans.

But tonight Mr. Maher brilliantly sounded off as he usually does and brought up the point that there aren’t any Republicans who stand for or will represent social issues in these times. As if anti-socialism is a better way of life for all Americans.

Stay on your block, fend for yourselves, God bless ya’ we hope you make it while we’re making money. That’s the new Republican stance.

There was and is an opening for a Republican to restore it’s party. To stand up to the bullshit or how would Romney say it, the “malarky” the “Tea Party” represents and the obvious racism the party continues and constantly prefers to slide in like a freshman kid getting his first piece of pussy…

Michael Steelle now an MSNBC contributor which means he comes on different politico shows to give the Republican party a black face with none of the hot sauce. The man did not know how to really answer Mr. Maher when the question was presented because he himself isn’t interested in helping anyone either.

He’s this guy who likes being the one black Republican, well him and Bobby Jindal (Gov. of Louisiana). He continues to throw his hat in the ring with Mitt Romney which goes to show you that all black people don’t like each other regardless of what John Sununu might have to say about it. I’d like to close with a comment for Mr. Steele. Your name may be Steele but your “balls” ain’t … Maybe you should consider a sex change to have your balls removed because you act like a pussy! “OPPORTUNITY” you always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

“Tha’s a Wrap for now”


Obamas debating debunks Romney

Obamas debating debunks Romney

Posted on 17 Oct 2012 at 11:41am


What’s that famous movie quote? “You can’t handle the truth”. It’s something most politicians are afraid of… the truth. Even the President has to avoid the truth here and there throughout his reign. But shouldn’t there be some kind of law to deter blatant liars? Shouldn’t some penalty occur if a candidate is caught lying to the American people? Can’t we hire a lil’ ol’ lady like Betty White to come out and slap the shit out of any politician standing at a podium lying? Something!

Gov. Mitt Romney keeps portraying himself as a Republican who gives a funk about the middle-class. Obama spent his time debunking this funk. I never heard a Republican candidate talk about the middle class like he knew some middle-class people. Romney talked about the middle-class people like he worked, played golf, and dined with them.  It’s so appalling to watch this non sincere but a helluva of money maker and liar continue to flip-flop faster than pancakes at Denny’s. He must be a charade champion or perfect at pictionary but the man can tell a lie like it’s not a lie because it’s close to the truth, which is technically a lie. This guy could lie his way out of a black neighborhood… He’s that good!

Romney (lying): “Hey guys, gang bangers, I was here to drop off some pharmaceuticals for the sick. I won’t be here long… here please take it. Just let me go back to my family. We have a house not far from here..” The man can lie…

Keepin’ it brief…

LAFemme Film Festival...2012 and they picked our movie...

LAFemme Film Festival…2012 and they picked our movie…

Posted on 07 Oct 2012 at 9:47am

…to be in The Renberg Theater on the big screen with 200 seats to fill… OH Sit! Please, really sit and watch the movie. It’s a roller coaster ride for sure.  You’ll no doubt laugh your asses off assuming you came in with some ass… But you’ll be engaged in a journey of ups and downs of leaps and bounds as I describe in the most comedic style ever, the journey to survive recovery while maintaining fatherhood, divorce, and show business. When Larry B. Scott (Revenge of the Nerds) announces me, he says “Spencer is never goin’ to go left because he’s always goin’ to be right”. I think that’s funny on several levels because being right is not my goal. I prefer to be happy than right any day.

So, I’m blown away to be at this years LAFemme Film Festival. Did I fail to mention on the big screen? October 13th 2 p.m. The Renberg theater in Hollywood CA. Our agent tells me that the Femme who produced this piece of cinematic joy, Danita Jones (writer as well) could walk away with an award for her movie making.

There was footage shot over twenty live shows that I did. Danita took the footage from those performances and made this film. She’s a genuis!!! I hope she does win. She labored hard over this film and I for one like to see her rewarded in all the ways possible…

Tha’s a wrap for now…

The discount password is Gohigher7 http://www.lafemme.org/tickets/special-discount/ The password is case sensitive. yulspencer.com ,  yagottagohigher.com ,  ygghtv.com




Posted on 07 May 2012 at 6:31pm

Here is my list of 7 American issues, laws and policies that would’ve been done by now….If I were the first black President!

1. All War would’ve been ended by now!

2. The Tax Code would’ve been flat and fair by now!

3. The “Freedom Tower” in N.Y.C. would’ve been built by now.

4. I would’ve eliminated the “Patriot Act”

5. I would’ve created real “Health Care” instead of more “Sick Care” for all Americans…By now!

6. I would’ve pissed on all insurance companies by now….

7. By now I would’ve locked up all the “Greedy Bastards” that put US in this mess in the first place.

And I would’ve probably been shot… By now!

Tha’s a Wrap… For now!

Happy New Year 2012 Countdown 'til we're all in the ground.

Happy New Year 2012 Countdown ’til we’re all in the ground.

Posted on 01 Jan 2012 at 12:26pm

Well folks, we’ve made it to the year they have said the world is going to end… again. “Happy New Year” I think. Whatever happens we’ll be here blogging and doing on-camera reporting to all of you who will be alive to see the end December 21, 2012.

We’re lookin’ forward to this year counting down to the end of the world. I’m even goin’ to be doing a show on-camera entitled “Out of Time” tick, tick, boom. We’re out of time folks and we can decide to live in love and laughter or continue to delight in destruction and debt. It’s up to us and we will be lookin’ on and joking as much about 2012 as we can. Of course, we plan on keeping it funny. This is a “funny source for news” (FSNToday.com). And the ball in the photo belongs to the President… He only has one of his left.

Well that’s a wrap for now.  January 1, 2012.

YGGHTV.com It ain't gonna happen, the studio

YGGHTV.com It ain’t gonna happen, the studio “renigged”

Posted on 27 Dec 2011 at 8:56pm

It ain’t gonna happen, not this year anyhow, maybe it’s a project we’ll revisit in the future but for now we put the cart before the horse and the studio “renigged” on their promise to produce this show. Oh well, So I’ll leave this original post intact because I will upload some of the presentation clips that were submitted as examples of the show. They were fun attempts… So the rest of this post is mute but you might enjoy the humor and the obvious faith that we were a GO!

(This old post was about the title of the show changing)Yep, it was a consensus that “Ya Gotta Go Higher” may sound too preachy. I’m a little thrown off by that. All I meant was that I feel  as an American our country, our people need to go higher with our decisions, votes, and beliefs. Because believe me folks the last thing I am is a preacher. But I will and have played a preacher on film, TV, and stage. I have no problem with that. I’ve probably had more roles as a crackhead and a pimp and there was the lab tech guy in the Burger King commercial.

“Out of Time” with Yul Spencer is the new name of the show, which I think fits my personality better and belief about where we are in America.  We’re “out of time” tick, tick, tick, boom! See you soon.

We’ll pick back up taping the show in January at our new studio in the Warner Center. Air dates and air times will be released via internet and nationwide marketing. Follow me on “Twitter” under @YulSpencer. I’ve gathered a small crowd there who keeps up with me. Add yourself and you’ll know about air-dates, channels and all the .coms this show will appear on.

Yours Truly,

Yul Spencer akaSpencer.com

Killing the Dream Prop 19

Killing the Dream Prop 19

Posted on 22 Oct 2010 at 6:05am

Recently this blogga has been informed that the right wingers and the ultra conservative liberals are trying to “Kill The Dream” (Prop 19 in California). The media is supporting these “Dream Killers” by running ads and news reports regarding the dangers of “Weed”. Children eating cookies with Weed in them. Please, that’s not news. On each Monday night “Showtime” has an entire show about the fun of  it on “Weeds”, but now the show has taken a turn for the worse as if they were dealing heroin or cocaine. So, now the publicity has turned to negative instead of the positive for the uses of “Weed”. So for them “No” on Prop 19 but “Yes” on unemployment, rising state debt, and yes on a bunch of uptight assholes who probably need to smoke some weed and relax on the sunny beaches of LA.

“Dream Killers”!!! “Keepin’ it Brief”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

“Spencer” has left the building! Timed out he’ll be back soon.

Posted on 20 Oct 2010 at 9:45am

It’s giddy-up and vote time my fellow funny Americans. it could be a good “thang” or a bad “thang” but let it be our “thang”!


So, don’t forget to get out and “VOTE” in this mid-term elections. November 2nd. “Peace, Progress and Prosperity”!

Oh, and just because I had to step out for more work “YOU” don’t have to leave this site at all. There’s plenty of material here to keep you laughing and full of jokes for hours. Enjoy!

“Keepin’ it Brief”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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