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Trump Tells Most Of The Truth

Trump Tells Most Of The Truth

Posted on 22 Sep 2010 at 3:47pm

Donald “Hairpiece” Trump talkin’ plenty of serious shit about President Baracks’ administration. “The Don” was spitting knowledge from inside the board room. He said Obama’s re-election is looking weak. What he didn’t say is that’s it’s because the boi’ is black. He did mention the hate that surrounds him. This blogga is aware that “hate kills the haters” it just takes so damn long. Some of them ol’ haters are like in their 90’s and still kicking. But I predict natural and unnatural causes are going to continue to increase and kick in around the world. It’ll take care of itself. That’s why actual physical violence is so stupid. Shit, that only hurts you and all the people connected to the ones you attacked. Where’s the cool in that?

Well, as “The Donald” continues to do the interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. I should mention it won’t be long before you notice that Trumps make-up is all f**ked up. He’s not that color. Whatever you do don’t let it deter you from catching this interview. Another funny piece of news he threw out is that the rich are going to leave this country. He should know he’s rich. He says our taxes are to high for the rich. Well if they’re too high for them. What about us? They can go to other places we can’t (I could go to my mama house in Florida). We’re not to forget these are already international ballers. Trump said they plan on jumping off this sinking ship like the “Titanic”. You remember how them white folks jumped off the ship like that?  (I understand the black people already drowned because they were underneath the boat working in the state rooms and kitchens).  But the rich they jumped in the cold ass water.

He also added he loved the “Tea Party” people. His reasons for loving them sounded cool but it’s bullshit. There should be no reason to support haters Donald. Unless you’re one of them.

I wonder what my readers would do if  they were international ballers right now? Shit…Cannes France? I might go at least ’til America got they shit together. And I would want to be gone somewhere. So when the broke people revolt they won’t come on my 70’ft. yacht and drown me! “Keepin’ it Breif”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

Obama At The U.N. What's Wrong With Love?

Obama At The U.N. What’s Wrong With Love?

Posted on 22 Sep 2010 at 1:34pm

President Obama, who’s ass is on the chopping block, has been at the United Nations this week. His speech is as eloquent as ever but his progress has been under minded. What’s wrong with love?  That’s really the question I would like to ask the United Nations (can’t the President ask this question to all of them)? What is wrong with the concept of… “Love”? I’ve heard there’s no money in it… Love. And I say to that. You’ve never been in love.

Love has costed me every dime I’ve ever had. Love for my children, love for my mother, love for my friends, even love for spiritual growth centers (churches included). All this love cost so much money. So, I don’t believe the answer is that “there’s no money in love” I’m more apt to believe the powers-to-be are so bent on war and violence they think they can’t turn back. It’s the United Nations answer to every problem war. You haven’t learned a new way yet. “Yet”  being the key word here. I have to admit loving is not an easy thing. Lovin’ you all.

“Keepin’ it Brief”.

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Oxygen For Sale In Las Vegas

Oxygen For Sale In Las Vegas

Posted on 18 Sep 2010 at 4:26pm

“Believe It Or Not”…Our roving blogga “Silver’ discovered  oxygen for sale in a mall in Las Vegas. Well folks its’ legitimately the end of the f**kin’ world as we know it. Our blogga tells us that the lady selling the oxygen told him the oxygen is pure. And pure oxygen would give him more energy and awareness (and more). For just about eighteen dollars you can fill up on some oxygen. It’s a little less than crack.

The oxygen comes scented. Scented oxygen? I want my oxygen to smell like strawberries and potpourri. Crazy! Pure oxygen claims to be a natural high. I bet if you mix some weed with it you’d get higher (someone else out there is thinking the same thing).

So, we face the question what is wrong with the oxygen we’re breathing right now? The free (wink-wink) oxygen. Answer; along with the “Global Warming” effects on our ecology our free oxygen is toxic. We’re all breathing free toxic air. It has been said the our pollution is so toxic it has diminished the testosterone levels in men. It could be the reason men have become so sensitive these days. It’s all in the air we breathe ladies maybe oxygen for sale will boost testosterone levels back up and dudes can become dudes again.

At the rate we’re going now we’ll be out of soldiers in no time. “Keepin’ It Breif”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

Bill Maher Doing The Honesty Jokes on Larry King Live

Bill Maher Doing The Honesty Jokes on Larry King Live

Posted on 15 Sep 2010 at 1:21pm

Bill is doing his thing on the Larry Kings show. He said we have two realities in this country. He threw a real good zinger at the “Tea Party'” (That’s why I’m sharing this one with you all)

“The “Tea Baggers” — the one thing they hate is when you call them racist. The other thing they hate is “black people!!!” –Bill Maher

“Keepin’ It Brief”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

Ines Sainz Is Seriously Sexy to the NY Jets

Ines Sainz Is Seriously Sexy to the NY Jets

Posted on 13 Sep 2010 at 4:21pm

Now this is funny news. This funny Latina reporter has put the NY Jets on blast for (alleged sexual harassment) losing their fucking minds on the field while she was sporting these so called conservative jeans (Waiting to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets).

Those jeans made her ass look so good that I would’ve gave up football for the day to watch this woman in those jeans. I would’ve dropped a pin while writing a check. I would’ve of woke up a girlfriend out of her nap to show her this girl’s ass!!!

Now I hope that doesn’t make me some kind of disrespectful mudderfucker for being a sexually healthy man. If women want to be allowed to be women and dress any way they like, (American freedom) they should be able to accept the attention they’re obviously are seeking. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wears jeans like that, on an ass like that, not to get attention. If you would have us believe (Men) that it is fun to wear them damn jeans, you got your fools mixed up because this blogga isn’t one of them. I happen to have first hand information from fine ass women that wearing those jeans can make you mean. (They’re tight as hell. Especially around the trim area).

Ms.Ines Sainz (reporter, yeah), somehow wants the public to believe she is unaware of how fine she is and how outstanding that ass looks in those jeans. (Her ass could qualify as a Smithsonian piece). So somehow it slipped her mind that day, that she was this fine and sexy before leaving the house and entering a football field filled with over 22 testosterone driven men.

C’mon, she’s grown she knew where she was headed (no pun). She could’ve wore something casual and truly conservative like a “Lane Bryant” kind of thing. You’re going to work in knock out jeans!!! C’mon, are we supposed to take this bombshell of a girl serious about her complaint and her expectations of men with big contracts, big egos and who knows what else? I bet she does. Playa’!!! “Keepin’ it Breif”

Copyright problems will only allow this version of the video on youtube, but it’s good enough to show you how funny all this is and how unfair some sexy women are to dudes. This is not a uniform or workplace attire, and certainly she’s not conservatively dressed. No one must be penalized for their reactions to her. She must decide for herself how she wants people to react to her. She’s funny news for us and a news reporter looking to make it that’s all. Let her do her thang.

I just found out that she’s not really the one doing all the complaining. It’s the jealous people around her who witnessed the overly zealous football teams reactions to her fine ass.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

Labor Day Weekend, Unemployment. Who's Laboring?

Labor Day Weekend, Unemployment. Who’s Laboring?

Posted on 03 Sep 2010 at 6:42pm

Certainly not the 500,000 Americans who filed for unemployment a couple of months ago. How quickly we forget for a fun time. We’re Americans!!! Where Labor day is an oxymoron. No one is laboring because they’re unemployed. This country created this nasty word unemployment. Which really means the government and small businesses are unable to create jobs. Reason is, the rich are saying tough shit to the middle class.

The rich folks better be careful if there is ever retaliation in the streets. I would gather a guess to say you’re first. So, what are the rest of the citizens seem to be doing?  Looks like the best that they can in a funky situation. America was smart in placing holidays on the calendar. They created days where we don’t have to give a f**k. This blogga is forced like the rest of you to enjoy his life, also. So, I will be doing just that laboring at the beach deciding where to plant my feet. Because if I could be laboring doing some good for an excellent paycheck, I’d have no problem doing that this weekend. I know I’m not alone. Being broke on the beach can block a person from the sunny seas. There is a way to prosper during tough times. Get on your knees and pray to something!!!

“That”s A Wrap 4 Real”

MSNBC The Ed Show vs Fox The Glenn Beck show

MSNBC The Ed Show vs Fox The Glenn Beck show

Posted on 02 Sep 2010 at 12:43am

These two television personalties are at each other throats on the air. On their radio shows and t.v. shows. They have been verbally punching the shit out of each other. Somebody needs to put these two in the ring, I’m sure (MSNBC) Mr. Ed would beat the dog-do-do out of (FOX NEWS) Glenn Beck.

Mr. Ed for the most part seems like a straight shooting White-American that the Beck supporters like to call fat man. He’s looks like he’s a pretty big dude with a passionate heart for America and the Middle-Class. Beck on the other hand says our President has a deep rooted thing against white people or the white culture. Hmmm. Slavery, oppression, prisons, genocide.  Naw, what makes you think that he could?  Now Mr. Ed.  is not afraid to lash out at ignorant shit that keeps happening in our country. Mr. Ed. blurted out on national television, that Beck-like people are afraid of President Barack Obama because he is black! Oh…Snap!  A white man finally said it out loud! And I loved it!

All the other news stations know this is true but just can’t seem to go there.  I don’t know why, but I don’t blame them either. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that our President is being rejected and hitting pillars of hate by a whole group of people who can’t stand the black man in office. That’s what Mr. Ed said pretty much. Sad, but true. (When the others can go there we’re on our way to do what Dr. King Jr. said we would do, “overcome”). Beck says everybody better get with God on his command because it’s the end of the world as the white people know it. As if Becks’ finite pea brain could understand the infinite wisdom of God. Shit, no ones can.

This blogga believes we will overcome this ignorance soon enough. That I have witnessed all kinds of people (all kinds of cultures in America) who are getting tired of violence and hate.

We have seen at least fifty percent of  “White America” give their support for a man they believed in regardless of his skin color or that he went to Harvard. Now that’s big change that another fifty percent of America never thought they would ever see. It’s also a pretty damn good indicator of real change no matter if you’re black or white. And truly that’s what I believe these Beck-like people are really afraid of.

A real United States of America. A Diversified world the land of the free for everybody. Make your money but not at the expense of American lives and industry. Mr. Ed is a believer of that platform and I can’t help but side with him when I hear him. Beck is a destroyer and a segregator. Mr. Ed is more of uniter, a fighter of what’s right. I say Mr Ed. is a winner and Beck a definite loser (hate kills the hater).

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”


The “Barack” did it !!!

Posted on 01 Sep 2010 at 2:01am

It’s always funny news to hear over and over what’s already been predicted by this blogga before President Obama was even elected. I yelled at the television as if I were watching the “Oakland Raiders” lose another game. If Obama becomes President they (haters) will stand in the way of everything he tries to do. And we the American people would be paying for it in taxes, no health care, and joblessness. And most of all, short of him actually living through his term (no poison in his mashed potatoes) he would be blamed for all this shit that the last administration dumped on his administration. Hence, “The Butler did it”! Like any other elected President at this time, including Ms. Hillary, could get us out of this catastrophe in a couple of years. See how funny this news is? And how much funnier and strange the GOP party is?

I mean I was literally screaming to the country to have mercy on the brotha’. Don’t put him in this situation, yet. It’s too early. No one listened. I said to my friends and readers please let Ms. Hillary get into the White House first. Let the rich white woman in there to clean up the mess the Republicans were leaving behind for the next Administration. I heard they (Republicans) toilet papered the White House dining room and took most of the keys off of every computer. Those GOPs’ are a bunch of pranksters.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to the pranks they pulled on the American people. The financial collapse, two wars, and New Orleans but of course those funny GOPs’ don’t believe any of us are paying attention or keeping score.

They would have us believe that the “Barack” did it! It’s all his fault that this stimulus package which began before Bush left office and tossed into Barack’s lap. Obama was going to have to take it in the rear if he wanted to be the President. See Hillary is used to taking it in the rear. The gang banging GOP fears Ms. Hillary. We’ve all witnessed their reactions to women in authority. (Sarah Palin the sexy school teacher they all want to f**k). They don’t see Hillary that way so they fear her. I’d only be worried for her future intern.

The brotha’s (Barack’s) ambition got the best of him and the superstar treatment hyped him up to believe he could really sustain the presidency. You have to admit Obama has some big huevos they must put Steven Speilberg on hold. Shit, he wasn’t Hillary. He wasn’t a rich white woman who’s lived in the White House for eight years. Americans optimism is to be congratulated and appreciated by all minorities in this country. I can only hope it is.  Speaking only for myself I’ve been relieved to know that the entire United States of America doesn’t hate black people. (because I grew up knowing they did. I’m happy that has changed for me). Nevertheless if any reader, reading this post thinks Obama got it into office because of the minority vote, you’re higher then a Santa Claus on meth.

There’s no such thing as a minority vote we’re the popular vote which can and has influenced the electoral votes. Electoral votes are the votes that get the President elected. These votes come from places where minorities aren’t allowed but heard. However this blogga predicted on television during a comedy stand up special in New Orleans pre-“Katrina”. That Hillary Clinton would be the first woman President of the United States of America, no later than 2012. I was joking about feeling sorry for her future intern if she was anything like Bill. After I heard that Barack Obama was challenging her in 2008, I knew right then my prediction maybe altered. Well maybe not.

If the President doesn’t follow the new proposed game-plan for 2012 I predict he will serve only one term as the “First Black President” (the jury is still holding his birth certificate that’s why I didn’t write “First American Black President”). In case he fools all of us. Changing his name from Barry to Barack Obama doesn’t help the suspicious and hints a subtle threat because do any of us know any of us for real?  Only what they tell us about you (any citizen). There’s always a reasonable doubt when you weren’t at the scene of a crime. Anyway, Obama isn’t as Harvard smart as we thought. (no game) If he were Harvard smart, this blogga believes he would’ve let the rich powerful white-lady married to the former “Give me head or give me the phone” President win. I’m not sure I would want my kid to go to Harvard if he’s going to be so smart he’s stupid.

He should’ve let her have the office for the first eight years after Bush. We the American people should’ve seen it. Hillary knows where the bodies are buried. All Obama had to do was step back until 2016. With eight more years in the Senate, he would’ve been clearly more suited for the presidency. And Hillary would’ve had this bi-partisan problem nipped in the bud. How do you think the American people are going to react to them blocking everything some rich former president’s wife wanted for the American people? We would all be in an uproar. But nooooooo! Instead we’re going to blame the “Barack” instead of protecting our elected president anyway we can. It’s too bad the President had to shoot his wad now. Maybe he started believing the hype the lights and the fame. I don’t know but look at him now. He’s scrambling for help and support but help is not far away.

The plan is to have Hlllary step off as Secretary of State, the job Joe Biden (Vice President) orginally wanted. She runs with Obama as Vice President in 2012 and then he may win a second term. If she decides not to help the democrats keep the White House for sixteen years, she can run against him in 2012 and my prediction would come true because she would win.

See, those “electoral” votes will bow down and say we gave the black dude a shot but we can’t afford to lose anymore money or government to Barack’s fresh ideas about how government should do business. It’s time to give America it’s first woman President. Now she can help the democrats dominate (and she’s known to be a team player) by running with President Obama as his Vice President in 2012 and then if they finally get this financial and health care issue handled. Hillary can take the office back herself for eight more years ’til 2016. She will get the credit for bringing the financial intelligence of Bill Clinton to the game. So re-election in 2016 should be promising. This is America – destined to be the greatest country in the free world. It’s not over until the happy part people.

But I’m sure and I’m counting on our readers to know the “Barack” didn’t do it…Not this crisis we’re living in now. Futhermore, we still have a couple of years to see if he, (President Barack “Hussein” Obama) turns out to be the coldest undercover secret agent terrorist man ever created.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

29000 plants 116 Million Dollars

29000 plants 116 Million Dollars

Posted on 25 Aug 2010 at 10:42am


No we don’t, why couldn’t you smell that weed from anywhere? The Reservation is a good spot to hide that much weed. The regular police can’t just roll up in there like they’re crazy. They have to have a damn good reason. Like, We’re smelling weed all over the county. We’re smelling it everywhere we go, the grocery store, Wal-mart, and down every lonely highway.

They figure we must find out where the smell is coming from because now their entire county smells like a Cheech and Chong concert.

No one got arrested in this bust..Really? We figure they all just got high! The report says the sheriffs are going to set it all on fire…All 116 Million dollars worth, on fire(wink, wink) somebody is definitely high or lying.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

MSNBC Rachel Maddow is Scaring White People

MSNBC Rachel Maddow is Scaring White People

Posted on 23 Aug 2010 at 5:22pm

“Scaring White People” that’s what a segment of her show on MSNBC news is entitled. She’s not actually doing it herself (well maybe she is she’s gay that scares a lot of people but that’s not the topic here). What she does in her segment on MSNBC is a little bit of what we do here on FSN’s blog. Make fun of the idiotic attempts of conservative newsrooms to scare white people. Now, this is funny news to our staff especially to those of us who aren’t scared and white.

So hold on Ms. Rachel. Many of us who aren’t white, are scared too. We know crazy when we see them. We’re keeping our eyes on these folks who all seem to be losing their minds with these “Tea Parties” and groups like SANE(Society of Americans for National Existence).

They’re insane. They’re scaring all people of all colors the martians are scared of these angered creatures. The Fox pundits, newscasters and “Resistant Republicans” are taking turns at spewing propaganda and fear to control the American people. I can’t believe, that anyone believes(even the cool Republicans), truly believes that they have a better way of life planned for the American people. It’s amazing how many people like living in a horror film…”Scary Movie 8″. That’s what I like to call this entire movement against progress. Just another “Scary Movie”.

“That’s A Wrap 4 Real”