An entire city goes Bankrupt? Vallejo Vallehos1 comment

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 03 Feb 2009 at 2:21am


It's gettin' wild out there we'll keep you updated.

It's gettin' wild out there. We'll keep you updated.


Anyway he said at the end of that statement about no job security that the only “Security” that there is in this country is your own ability to perform. I understood that and I’ve been performing ever since. If you have never found a craft that you can perform regardless if your business or job goes to shit, you better get you one.

When they can bankrupt an entire city, you better believe many cities are living on thin ice. This city Vallejo, Ca. (Vallehos) budget is mostly spent on the po-po and fire dept.

Shouldn't be here unless you up to something.

Shouldn't be here unless you up to something.

Eighty percent to be specific. Their outcome is much higher than their income . And now no one else can get paid but the po-po and fire dept. Until their union contract expires in 2010 these boys will be getting paid big loot. Up to 150,000.00 a year when only San Francisco’s department has ten percent of their guys making that kind of money. The bankruptcy will allow the city not to fulfill the contract between the unions. Now this writer is the first person who advocates high pay for high risk jobs I even believe these guys are our true stars.(Police, Fire, Nurses) Not the football or basketball guys, but these guys who save our lives and planet from complete ruin. From ourselves and those people”who know no better” and you know we got millions of people “who know no better”. But this is one city who actually bankrupted and we here at NBNToday say that’s one to many.  This kind of news is dangerous to pass around or make public or mostly even allowed to happen. Because now it’s a place set up for cons, and thieves, and anyone looking to take advantage of an entire city. Shit they’re broke. They can’t even afford to look out for everything left in this city. I betcha a homeless family in the area can post up in a couple of houses before they are caught. I’m not suggesting anything like this.

I’m just saying the more Americans that keep losing to this recession, the more extremes people will take to survive. And that’s something the White House with the Black President and a White House staff, better get real fucking busy. By the way the Mayor of Vallehos (that’s what we call it in the Bay) is a black man (Osby Davis). We’re not sure that’s worth mentioning but we thought we would. 

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                                       Valleho’s in broke ass Vallejo California



They got 'em. She's just an example.

This maybe a reason why the budget for the po-po and fire dept. are so high.


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