A Shortage of Bullets, Out of Ammo?53 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 25 Sep 2009 at 9:33pm
I'm telling you we're all out of bullets

I'm telling you we're all out of bullets

Today I find out that the A.P.(Assoc. Press) reported earlier this week that Bullet-makers are busting their asses 24/7 to keep up with the nations’ demand for Bullets. Everyone in the gun business, from gun ranges and gun dealers have never seen this kind of bullet shortage in their lives. Especially for handguns. Gun nuts are stocking up on ammo because they’re thinking Obama and the Democratic Congress will pass some anti-gun law. When Obama has already said he was cool with being strapped. You know a brotha’ goin’ keep a piece close.

Shit… Obama’s surrounded by them all day now. Why shouldn’t you have one? Obama signed a law making it legal to carry a loaded gun in a national park.

Folks we know Obama’s primarily from Chicago and it turns out the parks in Chicago demand you carry a gun. The city does too, but the parks are even more dangerous. See, Barack hasn’t forgotten where he’s from what streets he did his community organizing on. Anybody who’s been to a park in Chicago,(I know there not Natl. parks but this is where the idea comes from) especially on the west-side you know you need a gun. Shit I tried to creep in “Garfield Park” one late night on the west-side. I was staying across the street with this girl I knew out there. On Franklin Ave.

And I went outside to have a smoke ealry in the morning 4a.m. to be exact.  The park looked nice because it had snow on the ground at the time. It was just across the street, so I headed towards the park to play in the snow. And would you know it as soon as my foot hit the sidewalk these 4 or 5 street thugs just popped out of nowhere. Man, I back pedaled my ass so fast, back into my friends front yard and into the house so quick. You would’ve thought I saw one of them vampires on “True Blood”.  And I know I didn’t have a gun, but I’m sure these lil’ gangsta’s did. And I betcha’ they’re glock isn’t registered either. So people need to chill Barack, is hipped to the fact that an American citizen may have a viable use for a gun.

Trip on this since the President was elected the “Criminal Background” check people have issued over 6.1 million background checks.

Just between the months of January and May the year isn’t even over. America is strapped my kinder and softer people. Unbelievable huh? Well guess what?  There’s not enough bullets for this kind of demand. Is that too funny you can buy a gun but no bullets for it.  In America a gun without bullets is like owning a big rock that you paid for. You can throw it at a mudder phucker, or start up a pistol whipping contest. Either way it’s useless.

Just like most Americans prefer a gun to be…USELESS!

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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