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By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 22 Sep 2010 at 12:06am

as bill sees itLast night former President Bill “Cigar” Clinton appeared on the David Lettermans’ show in New York. Lookin’ real pimpish. What Bill said the other night bears repeating by every news person and blogga on the internet. He threw down an economic suggestion that would make a pimp cry.

Bill is an economist, that’s a pure money maker. He knows how to make you money and generate a wealthy lifestyle for himself and his family. He shared some of his game during his term in office. Clinton’s time as President is still the best term of Presidency noted to this day. Let me conclude with what the “playa” had to say (click this link for the full interview on video). Bill said…That “job postings” exceed the number of Americans unemployed. What? Yep. There are more job listings then people who need them. The problem is the unemployed are also inexperienced for these jobs posted.

If we (Americans) would train the unemployed for these jobs we could drop unemployment dramatically. ( see “True Game” not “True Blood”). The unemployment rate is over 9 percent now. This one idea could take it to as low as six percent. Who’s funny now?   Are you not taken back by that simple economic fact?  Isn’t that crazy and ingenious? And they won’t let Obama implement it.

This is an unknown funny fact that most Americans aren’t hipped too. There’s plenty of reasons for Americans to be pissed off. Certainly at the part of government that doesn’t think it’s cool or economically feasible to take care of it’s people. The private sector in this country could step up and put some of that P’diddy dough to work as well. Don’t hate on the messenger. I don’t see any good “karma” here.  “Keepin” It Brief”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

David Letterman 

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