Beyonce’s Nipple Premieres at the Oscars. It’s nice.0 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 25 Feb 2009 at 8:24pm


Peek-a-boo, just barely but a nice peek no more than Janet Jackson's

Peek-a-boo just barely but a nice peek. No more than Janet Jackson's.

Every time a huge black female star dances with a some what popular white star her titty falls out. Why? Beyonce’s Oscar performance with Hugh Jackman was a broad, family-friendly tribute to the musical. But she had a split second moment of nudity thanks to a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. Spotted by egotastic is a quick nipple slip. Now this is what they wrote about the incident on Huffington post. I’d like to bring to the attention of my readers the choice of words used in this quick read. The word “Thanks”. Thanks to the wardrobe malfunction we got to see some titty. Basically. Well what a change of the media’s attitude towards a celebrity black woman’s breast  popping out.  Janet Jackson pretty much lost what was the last bit of a career when Justin Timberlake made her titty pop out at a Super Bowl event a few years back. Everybody went “yikes”. This fiasco cost Janet the rest of her career. Even though her breasts were really, really, nice. And J.T. didn’t do shit to back her up. That’s why to this very day when I see Justin Timberlake I have to go to the bathroom and do a number 2. He just lost a lot of cool that day. 

But Hugh Jackman was fortunate it was a Beyonce. Obviously someone in Hollywood still likes and appreciates her wardrobe malfunction and showed us those titties. Somebody behind these cameras are obsessed with these things. Breasts. I like it all personally.

“That’s a Wrap4Real”


Hugh Jackman's left hand found the titty why not make a big deal out of that?

Hugh Jackman's left hand found the titty. Why not make a big deal out of that?


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