“Bush Tax Cuts” Are Up. Will Obama Hold Up? Or Give Them Up?0 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 14 Sep 2010 at 11:33pm

"Bush Tax Cuts" Are Up. Will Obama Hold Up? Or Give Them Up?Obama’s being asked to compromise for the zillion-ith time. This time it’s for the wealthy. He’s being asked not to allow the “Bush Tax Cuts” to expire. This request comes primarily from powerful rich white men. Rich black guys aren’t really rich or powerful. You can ask any really rich white guy about that. (Michael Jordan, Chris Rock, Colin Powell how about O.J.?)

Nevertheless I digress, Obama ran his race promising the middle-class that he would"Bush Tax Cuts" Are Up. Will Obama Hold Up? Or Give Them Up? end the “Bush Tax Cuts” for the wealthy. Have you readers ever noticed that a politicians promise ain’t worth shiiiiiit? They always find themselves revising their campaign promises. Always f**k!

The reason for the tax cuts that included the wealthy in the first place (supposedly?) is to encourage the wealthy to keep the middle-class and the poor employed. By creating businesses and employment. Well, folks have you had enough? That ain’t happening!

The only problem with allowing these tax-cuts to expire is that they will hurt small businesses as well. Only the ones worth a million or so but more than the two hundred and fifty thousand dollar limit that would allow the government to tax they asses.

Our hope is that the President would revise the tax cuts in order not to threaten small businesses. And then right after that grab his nut-sack (like M.J.) and allow the tax cuts to expire on the individual rich folk.

"Bush Tax Cuts" Are Up. Will Obama Hold Up? Or Give Them Up?Rich folks’ tax returns should be easy to go through. There aren’t that many of them in this country. (Rich folks that is. It’s like 5 percent of our population and I’m being sarcastic.)

Their tax returns should give us the evidence of who doesn’t seem to benefit anyone else but themselves. (Oh yeah I forgot rich folks don’t pay taxes!!!)

Their tax returns should still show plenty of evidence of how the rich are supporting our country or not. Now if their returns show they don’t share or create or give back to their country. Then this blogga says “Tax That Ass”  “Keepin’ It Breif”

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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