DON’T STOP THE OBAMA WATCH 24/7 NOT 7/111 comment

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 14 Nov 2008 at 12:54am

While the media is spending so much time on other things like that moose lady. Unless she shoots a moose in the middle of the street in Alaska and someone catches the shit on tape, We don’t care what that nutty lady is up to. And neither should Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, or the rest of the MSNBC crew, and also CNN.

All of you should know better. Why would you continue to focus on this idiot when there is a highly intelligent President-elect to keep your cameras on? And a “BLACK” one at that.

Like that shit happens everyday in America! Until this moose lady gets naked in the park, you?re wasting a lot of tape. Tell the truth dudes of the news you want to see her butt naked like the rest of us. What are you going to do keep following her around until she accepts Hugh Hefner’s offer to do Playboy? Or trips over something and show us some panties? What do you think she is going to do that is news worthy? NBNToday will no longer mention her name (As you can see, it’s not mentioned in this article. If you haven’t noticed.) unless, like I’ve already written, she shoots a moose in the middle of the street.

While the public is mystified by this person, nobody is keeping a close enough eye on the mark? Obama. We should have a camera placed so far up his ass that we can see when he thinks about something. He must make it into the White House people. The inaugural is going to be nerve wracking as it is. We will do our best to be there. But I might be too nervous to be in that crowd. I have the feeling I’d be acting like Joe, the security guard. I’d be looking at people like they guilty and they may look back at me like I am. So, I’m a little nervous about being there when Obama gets sworn in. If there’s a real Batman, this would be the day to book that mudderfucker. Inauguration Day. Or Obama may have to show up like he really is Superman and fly out that bitch in a heartbeat.
All I’m suggesting at this point of the game is that Obama and his family should be a reality show. Let’s call it “Who’s house? Obama’s house” and keep that n.i.g. in it until he moves to the White House.

We should see all their business, morning, noon and lunch. I mean cameras in all the bedrooms, bathrooms and every other room up in the Obama, house. I want to know this President elect is breathing at every moment. We the audience should have a monitor that tells us when this brotha’ is breathing and if for some unforeseen reason he stops, we should know about it right away. I have never felt so close to a President before, I feel like this n.i.g. is my brotha’. And I care about him like he was. I just want to see him live happily completing out his mission. Feel me?
Thank you, God Bless ya’ and “God Bless the United States of
America” (Barack Obama the end of every one of his speeches.)

“That’s a Wrap4Real”

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