By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 01 Nov 2008 at 9:51am

are on edge, many of them are blowing off steam tonight. Halloween has never seemed so necessary then this year. You feeling me?
With all the Sarah Palin costumes to laugh at, on Hollywood Blvd. tonight. I saw a lot of black Palins’ too, I’m talking to funny. Ah, you don’t know, Palin looked good as a sister,(black woman)I mean good.
This girl was not wearing a mask either, she just looked like her but black. It’s time to drop the Palin ball already, even former Sec of State, Lawrence Eagleburger Rep., a McCain supporter, said with much vigor
“of course she isn’t ready”. Speaking of Sarah Palin, and then today jumps on the news and said he made a stupid mistake saying that.
No, you didn’t, you meant it, and it was a way to get away with it.
So many dedicated Republicans are jumping off the party wagon with good reason. Actually there actions may save the party in the future. At least America won’t think the entire GOP is fucking stupid, and has been smitten by Palin
panties, to the point you would lie on t.v. about how qualified she is. When seventy percent of America is watching and going what in the fuck was John McCain thinking? That seventy percent of America will believe that the world has more meaning than that to the surviving GOP. And we might consider listening to one of their candidates again someday. But after this, and If Obama gets in the White House, and does well.
We shouldn’t have to hear from a Republican candidate for quite sometime. That would be fine with this Independent writer. Press play to here the podcast. Enjoy,
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“Happy Halloween”
“That’s a Wrap 4Real”

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