Jet Blue has a “Slip and Slide”1 comment

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 10 Aug 2010 at 2:46am

I can’t take it anymore! Seemed to be the sentiments of an air flight attendant named Steven Slater. We would not be the “Funny Source for News”(FSNToday) and miss including this story on our blog.

Turns out my man Steven Slater started to feel lil’ like he was Christian Slater in Broken Arrow or something. He just flip the f**k out on Jet Blue. One of my favorite commercial airlines.

Slater, Steven, after getting blasted in the head with a suitcase, just said f**k it to his job(one of my favorite books The F**k It Way).

My man then jumped on the intercom and cussed out ALL the passengers,(I’m laughing)grabbed some beer from the bar cart and exited by pulling the cord and sliding down the side of the plane on the slip and slide. Talk about “Elvis has left the building”!!! They arrested his ass. And now he’s got a FaceBook page with already 4000 likes. “Free Steven” because with all his charges he could get up to  seven years in the pokey. Now that’s funny news. Strange and tragic shit happens everyday. For us funny news is better thanks Stevie.

“That’s a Wrap4Real”

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    You funny bro…lol