Newt calls Obama a loud tribesman4 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 17 Sep 2010 at 10:31pm

Newt calls Obama a loud tribesmanI don’t know how much more of this kinda mud slinging in the media I can take. And this new world media is a whore. Today’s media (not bloggas) the networks, continue to shine the light on the things that can scare the panties off a ‘Victoria Secret” supermodel.

Anyhow the latest dummy to step up to the front of a camera. To verbalize some more insanity about this President of the US of A. The infamous Newt Gingrich he used to be the Republicans “Speaker of the House” back in the day.newt calls obama a loud tribesman

Now he’s just speaking. And speaking shit!  What Newt said was…That our President of the US of A is a “loud tribesman”. Code for black african ni**er with a hidden ring nose and spear. The funny thing is at least in this bloggas’ mind. With all this name calling Newt is doing. He’ll always be called a “Newt”.

Gingrich is a f**ked up name but to be a “Newt Gingrich” couldn’t be any better then being a “loud tribesman”. (“See game recognize game”). Most name callers are usually those people who are used to being called names. Who would want to be called a “Newt” all his life?  You f**kin’ “Newt”!!!

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  • Mjcohen88

    I think he called him a “Luo” Tribesman not “Loud”

    • Wautv

      @Mjcohen88…You’re right, it’s just funnier as a “loud tribesman” this is a funny source for news…lol. But you’re so right we put links in our stories so our readers can get the facts of a truthfully funny piece of news. lol.
      Thanks Mj. we do appreciate you caring that we get it right…Tha’s cool.

  • Aguerrero161

    Wow. Seriously, how many ways are the Republicans going to try to get around the word “ni**er” They are just unhappy that someone that’s not white is in the white house.

  • Henock1

    lol that sure is a picture of a loud tribesman