Obama signs the Beginning to the end of this Bullshit!45 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 18 Feb 2009 at 2:46am


You did it dawg!

You did it dawg!

McCain, said this would be the worst day in American history if this bill was signed. Well now it is signed and it doesn’t feel any worse then the day he had a chance at being the President of the United States. Now that was a scary time, but I can list many more terrible times America has had in the last eight years. Beginning with the re-election of your homie President Bush, and then of course we had to go to war. Because W’ had nothing better to do. I’m telling you this guy should be paying a karmic price like no other. Any how Obama has signed this bill like a whole bunch of times I guess carbon paper is not reliable in the White House.(ten pens)I guess they told em’ like no Mr. President sign it again, okay sign it again, now you have to sign it again, again, again damn. Ten different times but it’s finally signed and we can only hope and pray for his success and ours as a country.


Like he has said in his speech it’s not the end of all this tragedy but it’s a beginning of the end of the Bullshit. Okay, you guys know that’s what he meant. 

“That’s a Wrap4Real” 


Ten different pens to sign one mudder fluckin’ bill, with who knows how many pages? 


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