“Slumdog” Governor Bobby Jindal25 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 25 Feb 2009 at 4:08pm


He headed for the White House you betta believe it.

He's headed for the White House you betta believe it.

There is no doubt in my mind we will see this dude in 2012 running for the next minority President. We have word here at NBNToday that he will be running the “Slumdog” soundtrack in his promo spots. He figures if  “Slumdogs” can get an “Oscar” shit why not the White House? It’s amazing how events are so interconnected. It was Tiger Woods acceptance in an all white sport on some of the most racist greens that began to connect us all to each other.

You got to remember these kind of racists would rather serve you collard greens than have a black golfer playing on theirs. Especially Augusta Ga. where Tiger took the “Masters” that year. It changed the look of a master. See only rich racist white folks can be masters in them days and the winner of this golf event was proud to represent them. Until Tiger won, it represented everybody. Tiger being bi-racial and all… remember he was calling himself cabla-asian or some shit? Well, I believe this was the trajectory change that made it possible for us to co-exist. Lots of racists are still racist. We just all co-exist with them now. Even a racist can’t turn down money and that’s what Tiger meant to their game. So all of sudden it was cool to be a black golfer and the money poured in to support that. So this guy Bobby (a Kennedy name) Jindal is on the move to become a somewhat cool Republican. Even though he’s criticizing Obama’s plan, he’s not far off from it. He sounds like he might have a better handle on what America needs than most Republicans, especially the old kats. But putting down Obama won’t get him a win but it will be interesting to see those who will think they can win in 2012. Shit, if a black man can be President, anyone can. No. Obama has proven he’s more than the lablel of just a black man. It takes more than that to be President.

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