The Senator of Alabama is unsure the President is Black0 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 24 Feb 2009 at 1:32am


This is the S.O.B. who refuses to acknowledge who the President is a Brotha' it's killing these ol'  racists

This is the S.O.B. who refuses to acknowledge who the President is... a Brotha'. It's killing these ol' racists.

It is quite obvious this is still a racist man. Senator Shelby has not changed and he has no plans of changing what he thinks about Black people. And he’s a senior representative of the Republican party.

Some of these old dudes are still very serious about ridding the planet of these black people who are taking over. Where are they? Who Are they? Because if they’re taking over I better get to know them and quick.  I’m black and I can barely take over my car payments month to month. Sen. Shelby is talking this way about the President of the United States. A public official saying he’s not sure Obama’s a citizen of the United States. Shit, if he isn’t sure who the fluck is?

And if he hasn’t seen the birth certificate it’s because he didn’t want to see it.  Shoot, the whole world has seen the damn thing. What kind of shit is this? I believe with all my heart there are folks up in that White House who are dead set on ruining Obama’s presidency. And make the point that a black man or woman can’t run shit in America especially America.

“That’s a Wrap4Real”


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