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By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 23 Aug 2010 at 8:26pm

The Snazzy NapperFunny news isn’t always easy to do or to find, but this is why we blog about it. The degree of difficulty is lessened when it’s realized the world is just as funny as it is f**ked up.

This motivates the FSNToday team to continue laughing at the world and informing readers. We’d like to think we keep our readers up to date, usually about some shit (news) they haven’t had a chance to hear about, yet. Sometimes normal news takes a while to get to the light- hearted funny people.

The funny news I’m referring to today is about this new sleeping-aid called the “Snazzy Napper”.  A.k.a. “Snuggie, Ain’t Got Shit On Meeeeeee”!

This lady created “Snazzy Napper” and  we don’t want to rain on her parade. This post isn’t really about her. The lady is receiving a lot of good publicity concerning this thing. CNN, MSNBC and so on.

Now what’s funny to us is that these normal news stations are talking on thin ice about this so-called sleeping aid. Maybe they’re trying to slip a small humorous warning to the public (On the sly). Warning: citizens to be-aware (not beware) of people sleeping in these blankets. We believe it’s because, well, f**k it’s obvious that any person who buys this blanket and puts it over them will look like a Muslim lady sleeping. This could be scary for a great deal of “Tea Party” going like people. There’s a chance you may be mistaken for a radical Muslim lady when wearing this blanket in an airport. You may not make your flight with this thing on. The Snazzy Napper

Or, they might think you’re an Imperial Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. And just start kicking your ass while you’re sleeping (WARNING). Could you imagine waking up with some guy kicking your ass. And you’re unable to see who’s doing it because you’re wrapped up in this “Snazzy Napper”. Even though the creator of this blanket is a black woman. That’s makes this post even funnier. I suspect the newspeople don’t dare say what they really think about how it looks over someone sleeping in fear of offending the lady and losing their job. A lot of that is going around lately. As Dr. Laura would say…That’s what the internet is for and why bloggers are making a huge difference in what we read and listen to. Gotcha’. FSNToday is not here to offend anybody but to bring humor to a normally not so humorous genre. The News. Which will probably offend somebody.

Look at the images of this thing the “Snazzy Napper”. Even the decorative look, looks like something remotely worn by terrorists. Which is now synonymous for Muslim in this country and not to sound insensitive but the righteous Muslims would agree for good reason. Like the catholics are now feeling it because of some of the terrible Priests they have found within their religion. Now all their Priests are little league recruiters?  Don’t ask me why I’m just blogging about it.

Nevertheless take a closer look at the “Snazzy Napper” there’s nothing “Snazzy” about it. It’s a self inflicted straight jacket for your head. Check out the half moon image and stars on it and how it covers up your whole face and eyes and wraps around your body. Only the nose is popping through the open area and you’re as blind as a bat underneath it. (wink, wink) But from the observers POV we don’t really know that.  Because the person is f**ckin’ hidden underneath it. After someone buys “The Snazzy Napper” we don’t know if  he/she will customized it. We would suggest you cut the eyes out and sew them back on as flaps over the eyes. That way anyone can simply come by flip the flap and see if the person underneath is still with us. And if you’re that person underneath one of these blankets with these flaps, you can see who’s kicking your ass. We’re about the solutions here at FSNToday.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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