This Country is “Dick-stracted” by Sarah Palin…0 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 09 Sep 2008 at 6:00pm

I’m so amazed at the power of the pussy! This country has allowed Sarah (moose) Palin to dick-stract them with her womanly power. Her smile, her body, her energy and her determination to lead this country down a road it does not want to travel on. She has no policy. She doesn’t even know any. They keep promoting that we’re winning a war that we started on a country who didn’t attack us. McCain says he rather lose an election than a war. I can only hope he loses this election. The polls have him on top when it comes to white women voters since Palin’s indoctrination into this race. This lady doesn’t want anyone else fucking, but her. And I guess her daughters are allowed to get some, too. What if her daughter slept with a black thug dude? Ah, you know the shit would hit the fan with this lady. If this was one of Obama’s daughters you know the media (conservative) would blow the fuck up on Obama’s family. A black child under age having a baby out of wedlock– you know how long we’ve been called reckless and irresponsible because of the black babies born out of wedlock in this country and belittled by these conservative types? For God knows how long? Forever. I can’t stand this racism and double standards that continue to exist in this country. A judge told me that a black man and a white man with the same drug charge– let’s say a kilo of cocaine in the trunk, would have to lock the black man up before locking the white man up. Why? You might ask. Well, according to the judge that blacks would be more likely to survive in prison because the population is primarily black where a white criminal would get ate up in prison because of the over population of blacks. Ain’t that a bitch!!!

The standards used in profiling used to control blacks are put in place because slavery has been out lawed but you better believe if it wasn’t we’d be right back out there in the fields singing negro hymns. Fortunately the Mexicans stepped up and said don’t worry about it holmes. No mo’ slavery. We’ll do it and make them pay for it. On behalf of black people, thank you. Now, I digress that our country is being dick-stracted by Moose Palin. What I mean by this. Pussy has power. I have been in many meetings with studio executives and other actors let’s say a power lunch at the “Four Seasons”. We’ll be there around a table discussing millions of dollars for some film production or some shit. And then some fine ass woman would show up for me or somebody. And then you would see the whole conversation switch from millions of dollars to how fine this woman is. That’s why in foreign countries they wrap their women up in curtains like burritos so the horny men (all) won’t be dick-stracted. A man (and half the women)can’t focus with cleavage all in their faces and thighs popping out the side of a skirt, damn, with the legs running down looking silky.How can you get shit done with that surrounding you all day? (America I love it here).The men can’t see she might not even like anyone at the table, but the dudes don’t give a fuck. The money talk will cease until they figure out who and what she does like. This is just one example of being dick-stracted. There are many and I’m sure I’ll blog about them as they come up, but right now I’m concerned about those who are allowing this woman Sarah Palin to affect one of the most important voting decisions of our life time. Women, men, my fellow citizens please don’t be fooled by this lady. She is no lady. She is a woman yes but even women know how dangerous they can be if their belief system is out of whack. Just because she’s a good looking woman that won’t make her a good candidate for the White House. Come on, people. Don’t be dick-stracted. Listen to what she’s about and she’s not about it. Digg? Someone asked me not long ago, do you think Obama’s going to actually make it to the White House? I said…Alive. Because there’s a lot of blacks over forty who can’t believe this, that he’ll actually make it into the House. Why? You might say because it ain’t ever happened. It’s starting to look like a set up to me. That Obama is not in this race to win or he would’ve kept the twenty million votes Hillary had in her purse. Damn. I think the light is going to shine on this soon and all of our readers are going to see how well informed we here at “NBNToday” are. And that we love our community and our country and all of God’s people that includes Republicans.

“That’s a Wrap4Real”

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