Wall Street spending your money on street walkers1 comment

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 07 Feb 2009 at 10:49pm


Enquiring minds want to know

"Enquiring" minds want to know

Davis Investments was her front for investing in pussy. Unbelievable?  We don’t think so. Here we go again with the double standards of the super rich. The ho’s go to jail and they, the super rich, walk free to pay for more ho’s .

Man, we got to get “Super rich” around here people. Not so we can do any of these scandalous things but just to feel assured that since we’re not doing shit, we can’t get caught for shit. But if they make up some shit I’d liked to be rich enough to be looked over for it. Wouldn’t you? 

She’s trying to give them the names and the courts don’t want them. Why? I’m going to make an educated guess here, because they’re friends with the freaky dudes in her black book. And since none of these tricks have even called baby to help her out, I think she is fully justified to snitch on them all in her new book. A ho “got’s” to make her money back. I know if I were in her book, she’ll be getting a call from me and some cash for good will. But most of these guys are so rich and powerful, they’re dangerous and believe they’re untouchable. I’m sure she will have to be careful who she coughs up.  So be careful girl. All money ain’t good money. You should know that by now. 



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