You Can Roman but you can’t hide.64 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 28 Sep 2009 at 12:26pm
Here's the ol' bugger they gotcha' now!

Here's the ol' bugger they gotcha' now!

Film director Roman Polanski, (“Rosemary’s Baby”, “Chinatown”)got popped again. He was surprised with this arrest at a Zurich airport. He was flying in to be honored and end up getting arrested. Vanity the worst of all the sins. It will get you every time. This was like when they hook criminals by saying you won a big screen t.v. because your, you. And then they come down to pick up the t.v. and get busted for they’re original crime. But this time it wasn’t the police who set him up, it was vanity people. Vanity like quicksand when you get in it you just go deeper and deeper into it and eventually it’s covering your whole face. And you can’t breathe and we all know what happens after that. Yep, you croak.

Well, Roman’s past finally caught up to him. For those readers who aren’t up on this old news becoming new again. This dude some thirty years ago drugged and raped this thirteen year old girl after a photo shoot at Jack Nicholson’s crip. And then he admitted to it in court. Sounds like some shit a devil would do you know the devil a cold m.f.. Any way Polanski, was tried for this rape and then after confessing to it, decided it was best he leave the country. So before he could be sentenced he got his ass on an international flight and kept it flying in the friendly skies ever since.

I Got's to Go!!!

I Got's to Go People!!!

Now he’s back and in handcuffs. The girl he did this too, is now 45 as says she wants the whole thing dropped forgotten about. But you know the good ol’ law and press they won’t leave anything like this alone. Even if you ask them to.

Many Americans, are amazed this guy could even skip the country and live abroad safely. Without the threat of being snatched up and brought back to America. Seems though these have been the nightmares Roman Polanski, has slept with for years. And now this is his opportunity to be rid of this case forever. He won’t be getting his honor he flew into Zurich for, the people who came to the event to honor him will have to wait. Wait for him to be released after a good prison rape from some of the kinder criminals inside the prison he’s going to. Roman’s life has been no picnic,(read this article on the Huff post) but privileges aren’t privileges if you use them to go to prison. ¬†Well, kids let this be a lesson to ya’ . “You Can Roman But You Can’t Hide” .

Questions to my readers: I happen to know somebody, who knows somebody, who’s somebody’s cousin who says he slept with girl that was seventeen and he was nineteen can he go to jail for that now that he’s in his forties? Leave the comment.

“That’s a Wrap 4 Real”

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