Your Flucking fired if this was McDonalds you’d be fired0 comments

By Yul "Spencer"
Posted on 31 Mar 2009 at 7:25am
Obama or Trump you're still Fired!

Obama or Trump you're still Fired!

Obama doing the damn thing and Sent GM’s CEO, Rick Wagoner the Fluck home.

He wasn’t get shit done for the auto industry he didn’t recognize soon enough that we need fuel efficient cars. Better priced automobiles homie. Who you guys think you’re bullshitting? The American people have been aware for quite sometime. We just didn’t have a President to take the message to you. We Americans know simply you could have started building better cars years ago you arrogant punks!  And you went to sleep and thought about all the bling, bling you could have if you kept selling us your shitty cars. Well now it’s over and you guys up there will have to get sharper skills and build better automobiles for the American people. Bye, Bye…

“That’s a Wrap 4Real”


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