Obamas debating debunks Romney

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What’s that famous movie quote? “You can’t handle the truth”. It’s something most politicians are afraid of… the truth. Even the President has to avoid the truth here and there throughout his reign. But shouldn’t there be some kind of law to deter blatant liars? Shouldn’t some penalty occur if a candidate is caught lying to the American people? Can’t we hire a lil’ ol’ lady like Betty White to come out and slap the shit out of any politician standing at a podium lying? Something!

Gov. Mitt Romney keeps portraying himself as a Republican who gives a funk about the middle-class. Obama spent his time debunking this funk. I never heard a Republican candidate talk about the middle class like he knew some middle-class people. Romney talked about the middle-class people like he worked, played golf, and dined with them.  It’s so appalling to watch this non sincere but a helluva of money maker and liar continue to flip-flop faster than pancakes at Denny’s. He must be a charade champion or perfect at pictionary but the man can tell a lie like it’s not a lie because it’s close to the truth, which is technically a lie. This guy could lie his way out of a black neighborhood… He’s that good!

Romney (lying): “Hey guys, gang bangers, I was here to drop off some pharmaceuticals for the sick. I won’t be here long… here please take it. Just let me go back to my family. We have a house not far from here..” The man can lie…

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