Victory now Victorious! Obama is re-elected 2012 Damnnn!

Photos were posted on 07 Nov 2012 at 10:51am

I’m feelin’ a lot of things while I write this blog and I watch President Barack Obama give his acceptance speech, but what I’m feelin’ the most is relief. Relief that this shit is over and the humans won. I like to call the “others” (because they’re not all Republicans) aliens who look like humans. You know them by their continued disdain for people who don’t look, act or do anything like them. They’re very easy to ID these days.

The campaign the aliens put together continued to spew hate and misconceptions and lies using the kind of money that could open a major hospital. (billions) It gave me a political headache for months.

The only way to get rid of a political headache you might think vicodin or heroin? Well, maybe you might not think that but an ex-addict would but trust me Tylenol wasn’t goin’ to get rid of this fuckin’ headache. I would need something much stronger.

I had to I’m sure some of you had to, cut the fucking TV off. Take a break, diet from political commentary before it grayed the hair on my balls. I had to just STOP listening to all the “hate-orade” drinkers on the planet. Which by the way is another way to identify these aliens they hate and drink until they can hate something else.

I turned to faith and belief that I lived in a country with mostly humans who didn’t just pretend to be human but actually are human… Phew, for the last couple of years here I thought we had been invaded. I was just going to try and slip out of the country undetected by acting like I didn’t notice them.

Well, now I and many Americans get to hold their heads up high and be proud of the humans we live among in harmony, peace and love. Congratulations to America for choosing humanism over politics. Congratulations to the President on his re-election now  go do what you say you can do… Zir!

Make us proud and continue to run those basketball drills when you’re a black President it’s a good ideal to be quick on your feet and duck when the ball is thrown at ya’.  “God Bless and God Bless the United States of America”…

Tha’s a wrap for now…

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