Victory now Victorious! Obama is re-elected 2012 Damnnn!

Posted on 07 November 2012

Victory now Victorious! Obama is re-elected 2012 Damnnn!

I’m feelin’ a lot of things while I write this blog and I watch President Barack Obama give his acceptance speech, but what I’m feelin’ the most is relief. Relief that this shit is over and the humans won. I like to call the “others” (because they’re not all Republicans) aliens who look like humans. […]

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LAFemme Film Festival…2012 and they picked our movie…

Posted on 07 October 2012

LAFemme Film Festival...2012 and they picked our movie...

…to be in The Renberg Theater on the big screen with 200 seats to fill… OH Sit! Please, really sit and watch the movie. It’s a roller coaster ride for sure.  You’ll no doubt laugh your asses off assuming you came in with some ass… But you’ll be engaged in a journey of ups and […]

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Mobster Bedtime Stories

Posted on 03 December 2008

  [youtube]iCDuxS9kcXY[/youtube]   “Mobsters Bedtime Stories” produced by Shoshin Entertainment. A Comedy Sketch before bedtime! Larry B. Scott first big Film. “A Hero ain’t nothin’ But a Sandwich” Actors/ Larry B. Scott/Mob Boss Nehl Bobal/ Right Hand Man. Yul “Spencer”/ The Baby

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