The Snazzy Napper Are You Serious?

Posted on 23 August 2010

The Snazzy Napper Are You Serious?

Funny news isn’t always easy to do or to find, but this is why we blog about it. The degree of difficulty is lessened when it’s realized the world is just as funny as it is f**ked up. This motivates the FSNToday team to continue laughing at the world and informing readers. We’d like to […]

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You Can Roman but you can’t hide.

Posted on 28 September 2009

You Can Roman but you can't hide.

Film director Roman Polanski, (“Rosemary’s Baby”, “Chinatown”)got popped again. He was surprised with this arrest at a Zurich airport. He was flying in to be honored and end up getting arrested. Vanity the worst of all the sins. It will get you every time. This was like when they hook criminals by saying you won […]

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