The “Barack” did it !!!

Posted on 01 September 2010


It’s always funny news to hear over and over what’s already been predicted by this blogga before President Obama was even elected. I yelled at the television as if I were watching the “Oakland Raiders” lose another game. If Obama becomes President they (haters) will stand in the way of everything he tries to do. […]

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Barack did you give “Hillary” my number?

Posted on 11 August 2010

Barack did you give

Hillary got my number?

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A Shortage of Bullets, Out of Ammo?

Posted on 25 September 2009

A Shortage of Bullets, Out of Ammo?

Today I find out that the A.P.(Assoc. Press) reported earlier this week that Bullet-makers are busting their asses 24/7 to keep up with the nations’ demand for Bullets. Everyone in the gun business, from gun ranges and gun dealers have never seen this kind of bullet shortage in their lives. Especially for handguns. Gun nuts […]

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He’s gotta Stop!

Posted on 29 August 2009

He’s gotta’ Stop!!! With the bicycles, swimming, bowling, and the golf. damn. This is getting funnier and funnier. If he starts digging hockey or hang gliding he will cross the brotha’ line. The brotha’ line is where the brotha’s , will have to begin having doubts if he’s goin’ to stay black in his reign […]

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Obama where’s the Basketball…The rock bro.?

Posted on 24 August 2009

Obama where's the Basketball...The rock bro.?

I like how in this video below, Obama, notices every ones wearing red caps(he got that street eye) if you listen closely you can hear the guy telling Obama it was done on purpose. Yeah, like maybe some shooter would be looking for a guy in a red cap instead of the black President of […]

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Right to bear arms, but not around the President.

Posted on 17 August 2009

Right to bear arms, but not around the President.

When has the right to bear arms been displayed so much since we’ve voted in a black President? All of a sudden at Town Hall meetings guns are necessary? We don’t show any discretion or respect anymore. Because we have the right to do something.  We all have the rights to do (or do we?) […]

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The Cost of Doing Nothing…Is Flucking America.

Posted on 22 July 2009

The Cost of Doing Nothing...Is Flucking America.

  Let me put it in round figures…zero. Well, that’s not true. You might think the cost of doing nothing is nothing. (zero) That would be the wrong answer, the cost of doing nothing can and does cost a fortune. That we, the American taxpayer pays for. Where are all the black, latino, asian, and […]

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Obama you need to call a brotha’ I have the new E- Cigarette.

Posted on 25 June 2009

Obama you need to call a brotha' I have the new E- Cigarette.

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I will go Jack Bauer on their asses 24 -7

Posted on 29 April 2009

I will go Jack Bauer on their asses 24 -7

  Obama has made it clear that torture like waterboarding will be not be used. And the press kept pushing him to say would he use it if he had to?  And he said know one has proven that America would ever have to. It was a mistake by the last administration to allow it […]

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