Robert Joe Halderman, Arrested In Letterman’s Extortion Plot

Posted on 02 October 2009

Robert Joe Halderman, Arrested In Letterman's Extortion Plot

I Am the News, Dumb ass CBS news producer, Joe Halderman, arrested in Letterman’s extortion plot yesterday. Dude threatened to collapse Letterman’s world. Instead he’s the one that will be collapsed between a bunk bed in a state prison with a guy named Bubbah and his side kick the “Toss the Salad Man” “That’s a […]

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Dave The Rapping Flight Attendant

Posted on 17 March 2009

Part 1: [youtube]qS2LGxTtd1U[/youtube] Part 2: [youtube]uknd6Th8RV8[/youtube] Part 3: [youtube]Hte9X8TicKE[/youtube] Part 4: [youtube]_VLYS2Ex9a0[/youtube]   Put this guy on!

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