Killing the Dream Prop 19

Posted on 22 October 2010

Killing the Dream Prop 19

Recently this blogga has been informed that the right wingers and the ultra conservative liberals are trying to “Kill The Dream” (Prop 19 in California). The media is supporting these “Dream Killers” by running ads and news reports regarding the dangers of “Weed”. Children eating cookies with Weed in them. Please, that’s not news. On […]

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Wyclef Is Rejected as the President of Haiti…

Posted on 24 August 2010

Wyclef Is Rejected as the President of Haiti...

…Say it isn’t so…What’s Haiti excuse for failing the successful Wyclef Jean? Please don’t tell me it’s because he’s not black enough? Wyclef, had this quote at the time of  his rejection, “Though I disagree with the ruling, I respectfully accept the committee’s final decision, and I urge my supporters to do the same.” He […]

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“CAPITALISM” Will You Croak?

Posted on 30 September 2009

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President’s Plea to Congress Today

Posted on 09 September 2009

President’s Plea to Congress Today

Consumers Do Better When There’s Choice and Competition… …In 34 states that philosophy does not exist…Obama doesn’t want to put them out of business(the insurance companies)he just wants to hold the insurance companies accountable. These public options are only for those of us who don’t have insurance or can’t afford it. If you got it […]

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4 things to look out for…

Posted on 23 August 2009

 4 things to look out for...

… to see if the value of the homes in your hood are dropping. 1.Foreclosures  lot’s of them in your hood The quickest way to end up underwater is to live in a neighborhood that’s plagued by foreclosures. When one home on your block goes into foreclosure, All you hater’s home values drop too. As […]

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10 things you probably don’t know about Obama’s plan

Posted on 01 March 2009

10 things you probably don't know about Obama's plan

10 things you should know The plan: Makes a $634 billion down payment on fixing health care that will go a long way toward paying for a more efficient, more affordable health care system that covers every single American.3 Reduces taxes for 95% of working Americans. And if your family makes less than $250,000, your […]

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Here’s a plan for the #$%%^ man.

Posted on 10 February 2009

Here's a plan for the #$%%^ man.

“The Proposal” dig this it’s one of the best do-over plans I’ve heard of in a long time It’s something we should take to Obama after he succeeds in the White House because no one listen until he has. If his idea of how to run this country fails this plan can be an option […]

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It must pass so we can get that cash!

Posted on 09 February 2009

It must pass so we can get that cash!

  Here he is in front of the American people. Not hiding behind the doors of the Oval Office. He’s out here with us and doing his best to explain why we need to change how the White House does politics. By taking care of it’s people us. [youtube]B3oTEFLTaOg[/youtube]

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Posted on 04 October 2008

I’ve always said to myself, the reason we vote Government in is because they’re smarter than we’re suppose to be.( the average American citizen)And obviously they want the job, we know that because of all that campaigning they do. So we say to ourselves somebody has to do the job because we’re busy. We have […]

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Posted on 20 September 2008

tell me it isn’t so. Where are our GOP’s minds at? If you can raise a trillion dollars to fix an insurance company (AIG) and finance companies (Bear Stearns), and pay for this war which is costing trillions of dollars all by itself, you can give the American people some cash in their pockets! If […]

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