Inmates Can’t Keep it Real!

Posted on 12 May 2009

Inmates Can't Keep it Real!

According to USATODAY, An inmate in a Nebraska Jail wants to change his name to “Sinner Lawrence Bilskirnir”, but a judge said he can’t! Court documents say 23-year-old Jonathan L. Thomas cited his Norse religion in seeking the name change to Sinner Lawrence Bilskirnir. He says he “is a heathen and Thor is his ‘High […]

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Georgia Inmate Goes for a “Snack”

Posted on 11 March 2009

Why? WOODBINE, Georgia (AP) — Authorities say they arrested an escaped jail inmate trying to sneak back into the lockup with cigarettes allegedly stolen from a nearby store. Sheriff Tommy Gregory said Saturday that 25-year-old Harry Jackson had opened a door to the exercise yard and climbed the outer fence. Deputies found a jail door […]

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Sir Charles Barkley gotta go to jail for how long?

Posted on 24 February 2009

Sir Charles Barkley gotta go to jail for how long?

Posted Feb 23rd 2009 6:25PM by WILL BRINSON (AUTHOR FEED) Filed Under: NBA MEDIA WATCH, NBA POLICE BLOTTER, NBA RUMORS “Charles Barkley‘s arrest on charges of DUI and resulting suspension from TNT (not to mention T-Mobile temporarily dropping their spokesman) made huge media waves recently. Now Barkley is headed to jail. According to TMZ, Barkley pleaded guilty today on charges of DUI and […]

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