Victory now Victorious! Obama is re-elected 2012 Damnnn!

Posted on 07 November 2012

Victory now Victorious! Obama is re-elected 2012 Damnnn!

I’m feelin’ a lot of things while I write this blog and I watch President Barack Obama give his acceptance speech, but what I’m feelin’ the most is relief. Relief that this shit is over and the humans won. I like to call the “others” (because they’re not all Republicans) aliens who look like humans. […]

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What if the “Tea Party” was black?

Posted on 31 October 2010

What if the

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Obama Pimped The Oral Office…

Posted on 01 September 2010

Obama Pimped The Oral Office...

…I’m well aware the Presidents office is called the “OVAL OFFICE”  but since former President Bill Clinton did his thing in there with “Monica Lewinsky” and got caught. I like to call it the “ORAL OFFICE”. And the reason the Presidents job is no longer desirable to young men. I mean if the President can’t […]

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Michelle calls Michelle a Cronie long word for Ho’ …

Posted on 03 August 2009

 Michelle calls Michelle a Cronie long word for Ho' ...

I mean I don’t know the space program but I know when someone is calling someone a ho’!…(nepotism they say, Ho’ in L.A.) Check out video below leave comments. This biatch is corrupt herself Michelle Malkin,(Rep. boys love her) and she’s doing all she can to corrupt minds with this book. And this writer calls […]

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Ms. Obama is the worlds Step-mama!

Posted on 02 April 2009

Ms. Obama is the worlds Step-mama!

If you have any love in you for the children, you have to be loving the effect Ms. Obama is having on the young girls around the world. She is mama to the world now and stepping up to the plate with open arms holding as many children as she can at one time. And […]

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The search continues for the Obamas on Soul Train

Posted on 01 March 2009

The search continues for the Obamas on Soul Train

  The Obamas’ got to be in a Soul Train line somewhere we just know it.. We at NBNToday will continue to search for them though. It’s funny!  [youtube]v3eLNz5jvZw[/youtube]   We not playin’ the search continues! [youtube]Zs9ShspsnCI[/youtube]   We’re not saying this is him, someone else is. Tell us what you think?  [youtube]0AVRZh-GcNY[/youtube]   He […]

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Obama steps to Congress He’s late? Now you know he’s Black.

Posted on 24 February 2009

Obama steps to Congress He's late? Now you know he's Black.

He’s a little late,(he’s a little black to) but this speech he’s about to give better not be late or a repeat of so many things already said. He’s got to show us the money instead of the credit. Why put Americans in more debt? Give us some cash. I loved the opening announcement by […]

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“Mama here comes that Man!”

Posted on 21 January 2009

Every time we see Joe Biden head towards Malia and Sasha Obama we can imagine them saying… “Mama here comes that Man” He is one of those silver hair fox dudes that could’ve hung out with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. He’s that big tall overly old nice guy that can make kids nervous. “Mama […]

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We think the dress and coat is made of Kevlar

Posted on 20 January 2009

We think the dress and coat is made of Kevlar

That’s a heavy looking dress? Those of you that know something about fashion may have the eyes we have here at NBNToday,  funny eyes. Our eyes saw a dress made out of kevlar fiber, probably designed by someone like  NASA and Lil’ Richard. If it wasn’t, Ms. Obama’s dress sure looked heavy for no reason. […]

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Posted on 19 November 2008

This is one of the most realist and chilling comments you’ll ever hear from any real loving black woman. [youtube]Yrmzl11LqiI[/youtube]

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