“Ya’ Gotta Go Higher”

Got an Addiction? Join the Crowd

As Actor/Comedian Yul “Spencer” Gets ‘Em High on Laughter

in a One Man Show “Ya’ Gotta Go Higher”

Come Catch a Buzz on Life and Recovery…

Opens June 11th at Hollywood’s Complex East Theatre for 3 Wks Only!

Los Angeles, CA—April 3, 2009: Many will recognize actor/comedian Yul “Spencer” from the hit shows Comic View, Make Me Laugh, Cisco and Ripple and his film’s Funny FutherMuckers and Two Can Play That Game, not to mentionnumerous TV and stage appearances, most recently The Shield, Friends and Lovers, and TV’s Funniest Commercial’s: Burger King Steakhouse spot. But none have ever seen him like this!

In his highly anticipated, uniquely personal stage play, “Ya’ Gotta Go Higher,” the versatile actor/comedian, shows us how he transformed trial into triumph and trouble into truth revealing his 15-year odyssey to stay recovered, stay in show business, stay married… “Oh hell, stay alive!” While making choices to go higher in all ways, he reveals a side of his life so intimate and relatable, it’ll have audiences enjoying more than a comedy show, but nodding with understanding the many trials we face trying to quit something we love. Through laughter and tears, audiences will find companionship on what appears to be the lonely road towards healing.  And if there’s any truth in jest, let the mending process begin here!

Audiences will especially enjoy hearing about his relationship with the great Richard Pryor, as Spencer forged his early acting and comedy career thinking he had to be as high as Pryor and the rest to get ahead. Then as comics started dying, Spencer witnessed it all, from Sam Kinison, Chris Collins, to Charlie Burnett. Says Spencer, “There used to be six of us, comics and actors, black and white buddies who hung out and got high together…five of ’em died. I knew God knew math, too. I was number six… so I quit.”

At the same time, he was attempting to have the idyllic family life that was anything but; and just as his career started taking off, his wife divorced him, and he went deeper and higher, followed by the inevitable crash & burn. Spencer also tells funny tales from his tough early childhood in Oakland, incarceration, having a family, Hollywood, politics, and of course, the college of getting’ high. His true-life experiences and keen observations on the unspoken truths and allure of worldly temptations strikes a universal chord. And no one better to bring it to the stage than this all-around performer whose comedic elucidations will resonate with audiences everywhere. His is a fascinating story of life and seeking a higher ground to play on. And, with humor and some pathos, how he arrived at his  “Ya’ Gotta Go Higher” decision to truly survive.

Spencer’s audiences alternate between Comedy Clubs, his news and political blog: NBNToday.com and standing room only appearances in recovery groups across the country. His comedy speaks to those familiar with the iconic “Twelve Step” program, as well as to civilian audiences. Since anonymous recovery groups such as AA started back in 1935 by Bill Wilson “Bill W” and Dr. Robert Smith “Dr. Bob,” people recover all over America with no discernable figures for “graduates” or outer forum to celebrate.– In Los Angeles’ “naked city” alone, the figure could be tens of thousands with everyone recovering from something–whether it’s alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex, debt, greed, exercise or any number of afflictions & disorders. “Ya’ Gotta Go Higher” will dare to take audiences for a knee slapping ride on that slippery slope One Show At a Time.

Opening June 11, 2009, at the Hollywood Complex East Theatre, the show will run thru June 28th. Co-written and directed by Larry B. Scott (Revenge of the Nerds), writer/producer Danita Jones (Frasier, Celebrity Rehab) and co-produced by Gemstone Talent’s, Diane Yslas, Spencer looks forward to LA Theatre audiences joining him on this exhilarating journey and his quest to laugh, reflect and think of ways they too can “Go Higher.” Tickets can be purchased for $20 on-line at www.YaGottaGoHigher.com or throughwww.eticketfarm.com .For More info: visit www.SpencerWorldWide.com